This is my review for the X1 BODY CAMERA – FULL HD 1296P @30FPS / 32MP Camera / Infrared Night Vision / 2900mAh Built In Battery / 140 Degree Wide Angle Lens / 32GB Built In Memory Card / Comes With Chest Harness. By BRIFIELD. Fulfilled by Amazon.

The item was delivered in a brown cardboard box, within was the Retail packaging. Most of this was able to be recycled.

So, what’s in the box?


Let’s take a look at some features

Multiple Recording Resolutions: 1296p, 1080p, 720p, and 480p all in 30 fps and 720p in 60fps.

High resolution snapshots. Up to 32Mp

140º wide angles lens

On-screen display: Time, Date, Memory, Resolution, Battery life, Recording space available

Audio alarms: on/off, Recording, Recording Stopped, Low battery, Low memory

30+ Days of battery life in standby mode.

Waterproof to IP65 (No ingress of dust; complete protection against contact. +Protected from low pressure water jets from any direction).

Visual LED’s to indicate camera status

Tamper-proof password setup: Prevent clips from being deleted or overwritten.

About the use of Bodycams

You can’t fail to notice; when walking around your local area that everywhere you go these days, Cameras are on show. Who is using them though? Well, every Police Officer, Door Person and Security Guard has one. I for one feel this shows, we should be more secure because of them. It’s shocking that UK criminals still think they can get away with breaking the law. Well within these sectors, bodycam footage from security Cameras like this one, are helping to end all that.

The Buttons

The side buttons

We have a range of buttons on all sides of the Body Camera.

The front has a Yellow Button at the bottom, this starts and stops the video recording.

Looking at the back of the Camera. On the right hand side we have: at the top the Photo Button. In the center the Audio recording button and at the bottom the Menu access button.

The left hand side has the USB connection point, the Power button and the Reset button

On the back of the camera

On the back of the Camera we have a 50 mm (2 inches) screen. It’s contrast is great, it can quite easily be seen in sunlight. The images taken can easily be zoomed in and out of using the right and left buttons below the display, these buttons also work in conjunction with the Menu button.

The OK button also activates the Bight White LED (for extra light if needed) and the right hand button activates and de-activates a Red Laser Pointer. (this can be helpful when trying to discriminate between potential criminal targets and members of the public)

Other LED’s

On the top of our Camera we have two LED’s (looking at the front). On the right at the top we have a charging LED which is Blue when charging and off when fully charged.

The one on the left is an indication of the Cameras state. Green in standby mode, Red flashing when video is being recorded, Yellow flashing when audio is being recorded and it blinks Red when a photo is taken.

At each side of the Camera Lens you have 3 IR LED’s, these can be set to self activate when the light level falls. They provide excellent illumination during night time shots.


So, how is it to use?

It’s really easy. Press and hold the power button for three seconds, attach it to the Body Harness and press the Yellow recording button. Off you go. Of course you may want to tweak things in the Settings Menu, but really it’s that simple. It takes great quality footage, wonderful looking Photos and the audio is really clear too. Just make sure you have it mounted in a stable position or you can experience audio noise (rattling, rubbing, creaking etc.., when you are walking).

It feel comfortable to wear and although it’s very robust, it certainly isn’t heavy. The image width is surprisingly wide, but should your subject seem to be far away, you can easily zoom in to correct this. The files are in Mpeg4, Jpeg and wav, the most popular formats and their easily editable. Their’s a vast array of software out there to get that clip or shot you are after rendered for evidence on Mac or PC.

The battery lasts well to, with it’s working time depending on the resolution being shot. But at 1296p you’ll get 6 hours and the lowest resolution of 480p will give you 10 hours. Set up a password on your clips and no-one can touch them, they’ll be safe until you need them. Set a user ID and no-one else can use your Bodycam.

In Conclusion

If your looking for a Bodycan then you’ve found a model that won’t let you down. It’s really versatile with a vast array of menu options. Security guards or door keepers for venues will love this for evidential purposes. Take it with you walking or cycling, skiing or climbing. Take it to the Gym and monitor your progress, wear it playing sport and review how you performed afterwards. Having used it myself, I can’t find anything I’m unhappy with. It works perfectly and seamlessly. So much so that it deserves nothing less than 5 out of 5