This is my review for the Wireless Vertical Mouse, 2.4G USB Ergonomic Lithium Battery Mouse with Nano Receiver, 2400 DPI 3 Adjustment Levels Black By W-inds. An FBA item @ £16.99 as on 12/07/2017

The item arrived quickly and was well packaged, most of which was able to be recycled.

What do you get?

1*Mouse, 1*Receiver, 1*Charging line, 1*Manual.


Measurements(L*W*H): 101*71*80 MM, Weight: 118 G, Operation Range: >15 m,
Transmit Power: +5 db max, Operation Voltage: 3.7 V, Operation Current: <5 mA,
Charging Current: <300 mA, Sleep Current: <1 μA,
Sensitivity: 800 dpi-1200 dpi-1600 dpi (Press left and middle buttons together 5 seconds, 800-1200-1600 dpi cycle to use).

What is it made from?

The Mouse is made from High Quality Materials, using the latest in technology. The thumb rests in a hollowed out groove and the rest of your digits caress it’s perfectly formed shape, it feels really ergonomic.
The mouse has an automatic wake and sleep function. If you do not move it for a period of time, it enters a dormant state. You can awaken it by pressing any key.

What is it like to use?

I found it to be a little strange at first, just holding your hand in a different position and the shape of the item is very different to your everyday mouse.
However, after a little while it has become second nature, very responsive and very comfortable. You get to the point where you don’t notice the differences anymore, you just enjoy using the item daily. It doesn’t take long to charge either, so i just allow that to occur overnight, while it’s dormant.

In Conclusion.

This item is very easy to use, comfortable and responsive. It appears to be well made and good value for money. I give it 5 stars.