The item was packaged very well in a small cardboard box and it arrived quickly. Within was the retail box, all of this was able to be recycled.

So, what do we get? 

Package Includes
A Bell Push (complete with a 12V A23 Alkaline battery for transmitter)
The Plug-in Chime Unit (Receiver)
2 x Screws and Plugs
A Double-sided adhesive Pad
The User Manual

How does it perform?

Just simply plug the chime unit into the power supply. Fit the push button part to the doorframe, using either the screws and plugs or the attached adhesive pad (both are included). The battery is already inside the push button transmitter, but be sure to remove the clear plastic tab which isolates the battery from it’s contacts to stops it discharging.
This is a nice looking, well thought out design. The front facing side of the chime unit is white. The centre of the unit is split from top to bottom using an LED indicator.  This is further split into two section on each side. One smooth and the opposing one patterned with small circular indentations. Looking at the left hand side of the receiver (as it’s plugged in), you have a rocker switch and a Sound Level/ Tune Setting Button, this is as complicated as it gets.
Press the rocker switch in either direction to select your favorite melody; there are 52 to choose from. Four levels of adjustable volume, from 25 to 110db can be set with the other button using short presses. This button is also used to set the tune to the Bell Push by holding it until you hear a confirmation tone. Just to mention also, we found no interference from any other nearby wireless products.
Both the Bell Push and the Wireless Chime unit will flash when someone presses the Bell Push. The Chime unit will flash continually during the tune alerting anyone nearby. Even those who may be vision impaired will know that someone is at the door. You could be wearing headphones, listening to loud music, not have your hearing aid turned on or have the hoover on, there is still little chance that you will miss someone calling.

In Conclusion.

This is a great product for a very reasonable price, well made, easy to use, looks good and works without issue. We particularly liked the idea of the flashing lights. The working distance was great with my wife going to the far side of the car park and the Bell still worked. I can’t find anything to mark it down for and so it gets my 5 out of 5. Great idea!