This is my review for the 2.5-inch USB Type C (3.1) External Aluminium Disk Enclosure for HDD and SSD Drives. Easy to use, in Gold colour. by Satechi. An FBS item which was £34.99 at the time of writing this review.

The item was received quickly, in a brown cardboard book-wrap. Within, the nicely designed retail packaging. This was mostly recyclable.

So what do we get?

An Aluminium Enclosure (You choose Gold, Silver or Space Grey).
A USV-C to USB-C cable
The Instruction Leaflet
A Screwdriver

Some Specs For You

The Drive Unit Measures: 128 x 79 x 13.5 mm and Weight 96 Grams
The Supplied Cable Measures: 298 mm in Length and 4.5 mm in diameter. It Weighs 16 Grams
The Screwdriver Measures: 95 mm Length and 10 mm in Diameter. It Weighs in at 4.95 Grams
The Connectors at each end of the USB Cable Measure: 33 x 12 x 7 mm. It is capable of 10 Gbps throughput.
No external power is required.

Using the USB-C Drive Enclosure, really enhanced the experience for me. It makes a statement all of it’s own and that statement is “Luxury.” It has been professionaly crafted to such a high standard, then the colour applied; i chose Gold. This is a real step-up from the plastic disc housings and will last you a lifetime.

How was it to use.

This is super simple. To fir a drive just unscrew the two tiny screws underneath with the screwdriver provided, the caddy will just slide our. (Keep the screws and screwdriver away from any Magnetic Media you are installing). Using either an SSD or a HDD both of the 2.5 inch form factor, offer your device up to the connection slots. Ease the drive into place within the caddy; The rubber cushions at each opposing corner will support it. Slide back into the Aluminium Housing and re-fit the two small screws. That’s it you’ve installed a drive into an External Enclosure. It works an absolute treat, the read and write speeds are great, plus it’s very quiet too.

In Conclusion.

Having experienced it, it would certainly buy one of these as a gift, without hesitation. It’s easy to fit a drive. The speeds for read and write age great. Plus it has that air of luxury about it.I’m delighted 5 out of 5.