Tips, Tricks and Warnings

Most candles are a Danger to your health.

Candles, do you know much about them? Did you realised that some not only contain chemicals, but give off Toxins as they burn. Some cheaper candles actually have lead in their wicks. Do you remember paraffin? This in the form of wax, is used in the making of many of them. Which in turn means, they give off fumes which aren’t good for you into the air as you enjoy them. That could be worse than smoking for your children and you. Have a read of these articles from Wellnessmama. The Daily Telegraph, Naturally MindedKeeper of the Home and Thank Your BodyThe only safe candel for you is a Beeswax one.

Ageing Gracefully with Essential Oils

The thought of ageing, gets us all down at some point. I know when i reached 50; i started to think, well my dad died when he was 63, perhaps i haven’t got long left myself. So i thought it was time to do something about it. Sort my life out Live more Healthely and get rid of all the Toxins and Chemicals which affect me. Well recently i came across an article which i have found to be very helpful. So i thought you might like to benefit from it’s knowedge too. It’s a free PDF by Dr Eric Zielinski it’s called Aging Gracefully with Essential Oil, if you click on the title, it will take you to it. (I have found that this has some text missing in the browser, so my advice would be to open it in Adobe Reader).