This is my review for the IO090. 2 in 1 Lightning Adapter, with connections for Charging and Lightning Headphone for IOS devices running IOS 10.3 or Later. by Rovtop. An FBA item, which at the time of purchase was £9.45.

The item was delivered in a cardboard book-wrap, within was the thrifty retail packaging. All of this was recyclable.

So, what do we get?

Package included:
An 1-to-2 Lightning Adapter for Apple Products (For Charging/Data Transfer and Listing to Music)

Some Specifications
Weight: 10g
Colour: Black Cable Sheath & Silver Coloured Connectors
Material: Various Metal’s & PVC

How not to use this!

Well, having done a bit of research on this. I have found that the Adaptor is best used on it’s own. What i mean by that is, it will not convert the lightning signal to a usable format for a Lightning to 3.5mm Socket Adaptor. Let me explain. I had some headphones, which i loved to use; but couldn’t when i upgraded my phone. So i bought a Lightning Adaptor to 3.5mm Socket and they worked a treat, my Headphones sounded great again. However, on seeing this device i thought i would just connect the Adaptor i had to the Lightning headphone output and all would be fine. Wrong!!! The new connector would only work for charging and data transfer, but no 3.5mm headphones plugged into an adaptor.

How do we use it & is it any good?

This is an excellent product, used in the way it was designed to be, it will serve you well for years to come. Connect your headphones and charging cable before you connect the adaptor cable to a device. Once plugged in, you’re all ready to go. As i didn’t have any Lightning Headphones to use, i had to buy myself some. But on listening to them i wasn’t disappointed, they sound great and that’s as much a testament to this Adaptor Cable as it is to the Headphones i bought. My bass is excellent, but not booming. The mids are clearly defined and the Treble is crisp and clear, all in all i got a lovely wide soundstage with beautiful vocals from the artist.

In Conclusion

This is a innovative and reliable way of charging and listening to your music on an Apple Device (without the 3.5mm Headphone Socket). It’s well built of quality materials and the best part is, it just works. You don’t have to buy anything else, Nothing. Just Plug and Play. it gets my 5 out of 5