This is a review for a kindle book. By Pamela Wood

The Paradise Beach Mysteries: Matira Bay. Author, Cathy Maisano.

This is the third book in the series so far and i have to say i have loved each one of them.

Cathy Maisano

How was it to read?

Once you start to read the book you do not want to stop as you are waiting impatiently to find out what happens next. I say impatiently because you are willing Megan and Marcus on and trying to view things as they are.

These books are written in a way that children can easily understand, but that adults can enjoy also, as it sparks your imagination from when you were a child. As i was reading this book i started to feel that Marcus was showing more thoughtfulness for others, this i thought, was very evident. I felt that i was getting to know both of them more and seeing them not only as brother and sister, but as partners on an eco mission.

The Story.

I loved all aspects of this book, the story, which lead you to really enquire of yourself, who the bad guys were. I think i went down every path conceivable!! trying to figure it out. Marcus and Megan’s curiosity, love for the environment and for the world as a whole is inspiring. I found that their passion made me question my own, and how i feel about such important things too.

They showed concern for Parry, – their beach hut with a difference and also loyalty to the company they work for. I felt that Marcus had grown more emotionally, we were shown more about how much home and family means to him. The ending to this story was not what i was expecting, but it was more than i could have hoped for.

In Conclusion.

I would really recommend this book, i have thoroughly enjoyed reading yet another great adventure and I can’t wait for the next one. The author has a wonderful way of getting you to follow Marcus and Megan before you even realise that you are

This story once again teaches children so much about life, without it being so obvious. It can even teach adults that may have forgotten all the wonderful things we take for granted every day.

Thank you so much for the wonderful book, and for stirring my imagination once more. THANK YOU.

This is a review for a kindle book. By Pamela Wood

The Paradise Beach Mysteries: Hanauma BayAuthor Cathy Maisano.

This is the second book in a series of three.


How was it to read?

This is the second outing for our two intrepid adventurers. During this story you sometimes think you know what’s going to happen. But take it from me, Not with Megan and Marcus you don’t. This is yet another fantastic book in this awesome trilogy. My childhood came flooding back once again as i flicked from page to page, but i won’t spoil the story for you, but do prepare for another exciting adventure. This book really held my attention. I absolutely loved it.

The Story.

Books like this one, make me feel so joyful. You can almost reach within me and touch that joy; it’s that tangible. It’s an escape, and alternate reality, you just don’t want to put it down. This authors descriptive prowess is a real treat to partake of, a three course delight in a young minds innocence and expectation. We have the scene set, the adventure unfolds and the warmth felt and shared by the lessons learned at the end of the story. I loved all the gadgets and would love to have had a cap like Megan and Marcus’, it sounds GREAT !!

In Conclusion.

Reading this book reminded me of the adventures i would have whilst playing in the garden at home, Ah the good old days! What is so lovely too, is how some life lessons are taught throughout the book. Not just about the Environment, but about honesty and friendship and patience.

I would really recommend this book, I had so much fun reading it and the adventure continues in the next! The Paradise Beach Mysteries: Matira Bay. I give this book the full 5*’s it rightly deserves


This is a review for a kindle book. By Pamela Wood

The Paradise Beach Mysteries, Whitehaven Beach. By Author Cathy Maisano.

The Paradise Beach Mysteries: Whitehaven Beach

How was it to read?

Firstly let me say, i am probably way too old to enjoy reading a child’s book. Who am i kidding, this was so fantastic. It took me back to when i was a child and i loved reading “Enid Blyton” books ( they were my favourite ones ), this really kept me gripped. For me, this  Author writes in a similar style to her.

As soon as i started reading i could feel the smile broadening on my face, i just couldn’t stop it. I felt so excited as my mind conjured  up scenes of everything that was going on, the detail was so well described. I just loved it and it took me back to all of those wonderful summer days i spent reading.  Reading was the thing i loved most.

The Story

I won’t give away to much of the story, but just to say that it’s an outdoor based fun filled adventure, where your imagination can run wild. It’s about a brother and sister, called Marcus and  Megan and their beach hut they called Parry.  It is no ordinary beach hut though and these are no ordinary children, it also involves a sand eating CROCODILE.

I have to say i really did love this book, as soon as i started reading it, i could not put it down. It is portrayed  so well that you forgot you’re reading about two children and just see them as; secret agents. You get into their journey so much, that you’re dying to know, what,s going to happen and what’s coming next.

In Conclusion

The author  in her own way, teaches us that there are good and bad people in the world, and that it is really important to protect the environment. I really think that any child reading this book will not only learn from it, but will also really enjoy the journey and Mysteries of Paradise Beach . FANTASTIC!