This is my review for the Q29 Portable Bluetooth Wireless Headphones. With Charging Base. (Black). By SoundPEATS. An FBA item @ £41.99 as on 11/10/2017.

The item was delivered in a Cardboard Book Wrap, within was the Retail Packaging

So, what do we get?

The SoundPEATS Q29 Bluetooth Headset
A USB Charging Cable
8 x Interchangeable Ear Tips (L.M.S.XS)
The Charging Case
A User Manual
A Quick start guide

Some Specifications.

Bluetooth:- 4.2 – (According to the Manual).  Profile HFP V1.6; HSP V1.2; A2DP V1.3; AVRCP V1.6
Bluetooth Chipset:- CSR63120
Noise Reduction:- CVC 6.0
Maximum Working Range:- 33FT/10M (no obstacles)
Standby Time:- 80 Hours
Talk Time:- 3 Hours
Charging Time:- 1 Hour
Dimensions (L x W x H):- 0.99 x 0.68 x 1.14 inches/ 25.3 x 17.3 x 29 mm
Weight:- 0.18 Ounces/5.3 Grams

Let’s take a look at the item

SoundPEATS have really done a great job with this product. The Retail Packaging looks really smart, i would have no worries giving this as a gift or Christmas stocking filler. Everything was thoughtfully laid out within the box with the instructions and quick guide being logically written and in legible English. The Black case which houses these Wireless Headphones measures 68.5 x 28 x 32 mm and weighs 42 Grams complete with the ear-pods. The charging lead is quite short at 17 cm from tip to tip and each of those ear-buds weigh in at 5.4 Grams.

First of all, before you start using them, please make sure they are fully charged. There is a small piece of plastic covering the charging contacts; on each of the buds, which must be removed first. Then seat the buds into the charging case (which itself has a 220 mAh battery) and connect it using the short cable to a 1 Amp USB socket. The case will charge the buds 3 times when on the go, if it was fully charged before you left home. Once charged, use the Quickstart Guide to get going, i had no issues using mine. Pairing these buds ready for use, was really easy.

Using the Headphones

The Earphones (which are truly wireless), can be used in Stereo of shared with a buddy in Mono. Taking phone calls was a breeze with really clear sound at both ends of the call (Only the right bud works for calls). You can also pause, play and skip forward with tracks – using they MFB (Multi function Button) or control a call and even talk to your phone’s voice assistant – like Siri. I was well impressed too, with the length of listening time i got at around 3.5 Hours, but this will depend on the volume you have them at.

The Technology

So this product uses Bluetooth 4.2 or BLE 4.2 (Bluetooth Low Energy 4.2). this standard was released on December 2, 2014. The major areas of improvement are: 1/ Low Energy Secure Connection with Data Packet Length Extension. 2/ Link Layer Privacy with Extended Scanner Filter Policies. 3/ Internet Protocol Support Profile (IPSP) version 6 ready for Bluetooth Smart things to support the connected home. 4/ Increased data speed.

IoT Capabilities: (Internet of Things)
  • Low-power IP (IPv6/6LoWPAN)
  • Bluetooth Smart Internet Gateways (GATT)
With BLE 4.2 Bluetooth Smart sensors can transmit data over the internet.
  • LE Privacy 1.2
  • LE Secure Connections
With new, more power efficient and highly secure features, BLE 4.2 provides additional benefits allowing only trusted owners to track device location and confidently pair devices.
  • 250% Faster
  • 10x More Capacity
Compared to previous versions, BLE 4.2 enables 250% faster and more reliable over-the-air data transmission and 10x more packet capacity.

Now to the Quality of the Sound.

As always, i put them through their paces. I used a Benchmark test and some of my favourite listening tracks. Let’s see how they performed.

Please Note:- I am 57 and peoples hearing change as they get older, so this is just the results that i found with my delicate ears. The Headphones were tested with flat equalisation. Tests performed using 24-bit/96kHz FLAC on a FiiO X3 2nd edition. with the SoundPEATS MK2 Bluetooth Adaptor connected.

Benchmark Test

Frequency response stated:- 20Hz – 20kHz.  I found heard frequencies of 20Hz – 13kHz

Spectral Flatness:- Did the Headphones perform with equal volume across a full Spectral frequency sweep. The sound stayed central across the whole spectrum.

Dynamic Range:- 78 dBFS (decibels below full scale).

Quality Test:- (Bass Shaker) The sweeping tone sounded pure and clear across all frequencies. It was without the parasitic buzzing or rattling sometimes found in budget products.

Driver Matching:- (All frequencies swept from 10 Hz up to 10 kHz. at exactly the same sound levels in both earphones) The tone wavered slightly from central position in the highest frequencies.

Correctly wired:- (left plays on left and right on right) Perfect.

Polarity Preserved:- (wired in phase) These Headphones were wired in Phase.

Binaural Test:- (a knock to a wooden door, first right then left) The Knocks very clear.

Listening Test.

Last but not least, listening to my favourite music. How does it sound? (Tracks used for this were as follows)

Izzy Bizu – Talking to you. Adele – Hello. Michael Jackson – She’s out of my life. 10cc – I’m not in love. Michael Jackson – Don’t stop ’til you get enough. A-ha -Hunting high and low. Gwen Guthrie – Ain’t nothin’ going on but the rent. Al Jarreau – Where in this love together. Iona – Here i stand. Patti Austin/Quincy Jones – “Betcha’ Wouldn’t Hurt Me”. Phil Collins – In the air tonight. Pink Floyd – Shine On You Crazy Diamond. Monique Miller – At last. Gino Vanilla – Black and Blue.

In Conclusion

This is truly wireless listening. No sounds of moving, tugging or twisting with cables. It really makes a difference. The Bass was solid without being thumping. Mid-tones came across clear and well rounded. With the treble being sweet as a nut. For a budget pair of Bluetooth Earphones, you can’t go wrong with these. They are fully deserving of my 5 out of 5.