The item arrived quickly and was well packaged.

Let’s see what we get?

The SoundPEATS Bluetooth Headphones
A USB Charging Cable
8 x Interchangeable Ear Tips
6 x Interchangeable Ear Hooks
2 x Line Buckle
2 x Line Clamp
A Leather bag Keep-Safe Pouch
The User Manual.

What is the item like to use?

These headphones are easy to use and also quick and easy to pair with either your phone or pad. They are very lightweight at only 15g, I found them very comfortable to wear, wether just sitting listening to music or on the move. They come with different sized ear buds so you are able to choose the best fit for you.
I like the magnetic feature. It makes it easy to keep the headphones around your neck when you are not using them. I found that listening to music lasted around 5.5 hours, The calling time seems quite long, with the seller claiming 8 hours and also the stand-by time, I got around 100 hours.
I found the sound quality of these headphones to be really outstanding. The bass is deep and rich, the mid tones are well rounded and the highs light and crisp, they have a great sound seperation and are overall well balanced; which makes for a very enjoyable listening experience. My wife tried these when she was doing some exercises, she found them to be comfortable, stable in the ears, no break up of the music and having the music playing made the time go so much quicker for her.

The Q12 is also capable of connecting to two devices simultaneously. Instructions on how to do this can be found in the user manual.

In Conclusion.

These are a great product for a very good price, comfortable, easy to pair up, the sound quality is exceptional and in my wife’s words exercise goes much better. I give them 5 out of 5