This is my review for the Micro USB Red Nylon Braided Cable. 2.5m, 2.4A,Tangle-Free Fast Charging & Data Syncing for Android with Magic Tape Strap. By BlitzWolf. An FBA item @ £7.69 as on 20/04/2017

This item was delivered in a cardboard book wrap, within was the white retail card box packaging (both of which are Recyclable).

So, What do we get?

1 x  BlitzWolf MC3 2.4A Micro USB Braided Charging/Data Cable
A Cable Magic Tape Strap
An 18-Month Warranty Card

Some Specs

Model: BW-MC3
Material: Protective Tinned Copper Mesh + Aluminum Foil Shielding + Environmental Flexible Braided Jacket
Plug: Standard USB2.0 A Male to Micro USB,Nickel-plated Connector Heads
Wire Core: 30 AWG(Data) + 21 AWG(Power)
Output: 3.6-12V, up to 2.4A
Data Sync Speed: Up to 480Mbps
Length: 8.2ft/2.5m

About the product

Ok, so it’s a cable, right. Well not just any old cable. This is a premium quality heavy duty cable. It’s capable of handling 2.4 Amps of charging current and transferring Data at speeds of up to 480 MBps (the fastest possible on USB 2.0) and also supports charging during data transfer. The quality is outstanding, both in the cable itself; also in the USB and Micro USB connectors terminating it. The wires within our cable are claimed to be 21 AWG power and 30 AWG data; tinned copper wire cores and it’s a beautiful Red colour. Lets take a closer look at the electrical properties of the cable. 

The is the equation to measure the Voltage drop of our cable, This does NOT include any measurements for the end Plugs.

(2 * Cable Length * Copper Resistance)  / 1000 * Current In Amps. So following the information we have, a 2.5 meter cable. The resistivity of the cable to be 43.135 mΩ/m (for 21 AWS) and the current we want to pass is 2.4 Amps. So our Volt Drop is 0.518 Volts, Or 10.4% Volt Drop.

In Conclusion

This is a fabulous product, well worth it’s price. It will supply the a high capacity charge my iPad, but not as good as it could if the cable was the 1.8 meter version. The Data transfer speeds were as the seller advertised. This being the case, only the excessive Volt Drop brings this cable down and therefor i give it 4*’s. If there were a 0.5 star it would get 4.5, as apart from this drawback this is an excellent product.