This is my review for the SUNDIX 2 Pack 6ft/1.8M Nylon Braided Lightning Cable. Extra Long Charger Cable – Red/Black for Charging and Data Transfer to Apple Products. Sold by SENDISI and Fulfilled By Amazon.

The product was delivered in a Still Card Envelope, within was the retail packaging. Most of which was able to be recycled.

What’s included?

As you can see in the pictures, you get a clear press seal plastic bag, containing 2 x 1.8 meter cables (Red/Black)

What’s the quality like?

To be honest, i was just expecting the run of the mill average cables. But, i have been pleasantly surprised with these ones. I know there are some 1 star reviews on this page, but if you check them out, they are all for the Grey 3 pack of cables.

This 2 pack – i feel, is totally different. Yes the material used for the terminated ends is plastic, but it is a quality tough plastic. The Braided Cord is firmly attached, i gave it several good tugs and twists and could not dislodge it from it’s seating. I tested the conductivity of the conductors and found them to be of very low resistance, therefore allowing current and data to flow freely.

Their resistance to physical breakage is, i feel, very high. The Braid on this cable is not your soft supple type. Rather a heavier, more stiff type of material. This does make the cable less playable, as a result it’s far more resistant to damage. Also, i do think the colours Red and Black go very well together.

Using it.

Although the cable is quite a bit longer than your average one, the volt drop is only 7% more. So your gaining length, but for this you increase your charge time a little. The same applies with data transfer, it will be a slight bit slower because of the cables length. But as the cable has quite a low resistance anyway, the difference on a large file will be only seconds.

In Conclusion.

I am delighted with these cables. The quality is excellent, both in build and performance. They come in minimalist packaging and the bag can be reused for other things. All in all a great buy for me. 5 out of 5