This is my review for the LED Portable Video Projector. 1600 Lumens, Stereo Speaker, supports HD 1080p, Xbox, PS4, iPhone, Smartphone for Gaming Home Cinema Parties. By Artlii. An FBA item @ £68.99 as of 19/09/2017.

The item arrived in a cardboard box, within was the retail packaging. Most of this was able to be recycled.

So, what do we get?

In The Box

An HDMI Cable
A 3 in 1 AV Cable
The Artlii LED Projector
A UK Power Adapter
The English Instruction
An IR Remote Control

Supported File Formats.

Supported File Format : TXT
Image Format: JPEG/ JPG/ PNG/ BMP/ MPO
Audio Format: MP3/ MAV/ WMA/ M4A(AAC)/ AC3
Video Format : AVI(AC3)/ FLV/ MKV/ MP4/ RM/ MPG(MPEG1)/
Supported Languages: English/ German/ French/ Italy/ Spanish/ Japanese, etc

Some Specifications.

Power : 50W
Weight: 0.99 kg
Lamp Type: LED
Aspect Ratio: 4:3 / 16:9
Contrast Ratio : 1000 : 1
Brightness: 1600 Lumens
Projection Distance : 1.5-3.8 m
Projection Screen Size: 1.3-3.3 m
LED Lamp Life Span: 30000hours
Imaging Technology: TFT LCD
Built in speaker: YES, Stereo Speaker
Projector Size: 22.8 x 14.6 x 8.0 cm
Native Resolution : 800 x 480 pixels
Supported Max Resolution : 1920 x 1080 pixels
Connectors: AV, USB, VGA, HDMI, TF
Output Interface : Speaker, Headphone, USB
Projector Type: Home Cinema projector
Physical Correction : ±15 Degrees, Manual
Projection Mode : Ceiling, Wall Mount and Table-top Use

Lets take a closer look.

The A/V Cable

The A/V Cable Looks well made. But it’s nothing special, much the same as any other A/V Cable. You have Right, Left and Video Phono’s at one end and a 3.5mm Jack at the other.

Tilt Lift bolts

Our Tilt Lift bolts are found to be within the body of the Projector. They are attached to the two rubber feet at the front, just unscrew to adjust the angle of tilt.

The Power Lead

The UK Power Lead measures 1.45 meters and consists of 2 cores of 0.5mm copper wire. At one end it’s terminated with a BS1363/A plug with a 3 Amp BS1362 Fuse fitted. At the other end we have a IEC 60320, C 7 Socket. This is perfect for this items requirements.

The Instruction Booklet

The Instruction Booklet is written in very legible English. It consists of 20 pages including the front and back covers. There are quite a lot of Pictograms, Charts and Diagrams to go with the written text. As well as bring really helpful, it’s very explanatory and easy to  follow.

The IR RemoteControl

The IR Remote Control is your basic IR Remote, powered bu 2 x AAA batteries. From top to bottom we have on the left On/Off and Mute. Next down and left we have Fast Reverse, Play/Pause and Fast Forward. Then a circular ring for the up/down/left/right in in the centre an ok button. We then have a Return, Menu/Shortcut and Signal Source. Finally we are presented with the Volume +/- button.

The Projector

This Projector has a long form factor reminiscent of a rectangle. The lens is situated in the centre of on one of the narrower edges and is covered by a black plastic lens cap. On the opposite end you will find the connections. Underneath on one edge, is the Keystone control which will allow you +-15% adjustment, this is not the easiest i have used, but with a little practice you will get there. The manual focus in underneath the front edge just below the lens, i found it to be quite easy to get an accurately sharp image.

Picture and Sound.

The Native Resolution, 800 x 480 Pixels (800 horizontal lines and 480 vertical lines) although 480 does sound quite low, do bare in mind that DVD is only 576.  With it’s contrast ratio of 1000:1, the picture is still quite clear with a good colour pallet. I found that the default settings were well balanced and that no adjustment on my part was necessary. The fan noise is not to obtrusive, however the seller does not state the rated sound level in db. But to be honest, if you have volume on whilst watching a Movie then you’ll hardly notice it at all.

Now this Projector info says that it supports HD 1080p and that’s true, it can accept a signal with a picture resolution of 1920 x 1080p. But this signal will then have to be converted to 800 x 480  (it will handle 16:10 or 4:3) for output to the screen as this is the maximum number of pixels on the TFT/LCD Chip within our projector. Placed up to 3.8 meters away from our screen, you can achieve a 130 inch (Diagonal) image, which is bright enough to watch in a dimly lit room.


These are situated on the back of the device,  A 3.5mm Audio Out socket, is followed by the same size one for the A/V input. Following on an HDMI port and a VGA connector. They are concluded by a USB Port which can have a whole host of devices connected to it, including Smartphones or tablets (providing you have a Lightning to HDMI or Micro USB to HDMI Cable). or how about a Fire TV Stick, Chromecast, Set-Top-Box, PC, Mac, Laptops, Desktops, TV, TDT, DVD players, Blu-ray players, Stereo, Camera, Speaker, PS4, PS3, XBOX, Wii etc… Plus don’t forget theres also a built in speaker to listen to all that action and i found it pretty good too, or plug in your headphones. Finally, you have the IR Receiver and below all of these on the right hand side is the IEC 60320, C 8 connection for the power.

Fitting and use?

I mounted my Artlii Projector to the wall in my lounge using a bracket bought from This was quite inexpensive at £17.87 and included everything needed to connect the Projector to the wall or celling.  Mounting the bracket to the Projector was easy. In the centre underneath the Projector there is a brass mounting point and this bracket connects to it perfectly. Once fitted and adjusted to match your screen hight, you’ll never have to touch it again once connected to the power and media source. I connected to an HDMI Switch and this provided images from my Fire TV, Virgin Box, WD TV Media Box (NAS Drives), Apple TV Box and Android TV Box. I was surprised at how good the quality was.

The Sockets

Also i have an HDMI to Lightning Cable, which can connect my iPhone or iPad to the projector, as a result i was able to test this process and it works great. Furthermore, i also tried my new iMac on the Projector using this adaptor, That worked great too. I couldn’t find anything to try out the A/V Cable, but the USB sockets worked well with my Micro SD Cards using this connector. My headphones connected to the audio out socket, worked surprisingly good too. For the video i used my WD TV to demonstrate Movies stored on my NAS Drives and a Micro SD card.

In Conclusion

I am really impressed with this LED Portable Video Projector. I have a 100 inch image on my new pull down screen, with a quality of image i didn’t expect from a budget projector. It’s not really good enough to watch in the daytime, but there again most people watch there movies/TV on an evening anyway. For it’s price bracket, i can’t withhold the 5 stars it so rightly deserves.