This is my review for the USB Flash Drive Cable (16GB). Made By iClique and Sold By EuropaShop1. An FBA item @ £24.90 as on 15/06/2017

The item arrived quickly and was well packaged, some of which was able to be recycled.

What do you get?

1 x USB flash drive cable and a user manual.

How does it work?

You only need to install the free app on your device (the app is updated every 3 months). You can then save pictures and videos directly to the flash drive.

Switching to flash drive for iPhone, you can transfer any file: photos, videos, contacts and so on.

With the iClique iPhone charger cable, you’ll be able to charge your iPhone or iPad from a Mac or PC. Therefore, it’s a great idea to have one for home and office.

The cable is made from special high-quality alloy and several types of rubber. As a result it doesn’t get stuck in slots and has increased working capacity: it doesn’t tangle, break, or fracture. The compact size makes it easy to take the iPhone flash drive on trips out, or use it everyday at work/school/anywhere.

What is it like to use?

I have found this cable very easy to use. Furthermore, it’s good to have the extra storage on hand and be mobile as well. Below you can see me downloading the App and playing a film from the Flash Drive Cable.

For me, this 3-in-1 cable means less wires lying around. 16GB of extra storage and it’s very fast. Just what I needed!!

In Conclusion.

This is a great quality cable and it’s a excellent price. Hence i‘m very happy with it. So I give it 5 stars.