This is a review for the The H13 Wireless Charging Pad from HBUDS. It’s a 10W Fast Wireless Charging Pad for all Qi-Enabled Devices (Adapter Not Included) A FBA item obtainable by clicking on the link.

The item arrived in a cardboard book-wrap. Within was the retail packaging. All of this was able to be recycled.

So what’s in the box?

The Wireless Charging Pad

A USB to USB-C Power Cable

The User Manual

Customer Satisfaction Leaflet

Some Specifications 

Input: DC5V / 2.0A DC9V / 2.0A Max

Wireless Output: 10W

Transmission distance is 5-8mm

Wireless charging conversion rate ≥72%

Charging frequency: 110-205 KHz

What’s the product like to use?

First of all. I need to say i found the packaging to be very environmentally friendly. I know people might think so what, but we only get one planet guys and it’s our responsibility to help try to look after it. So all of the packaging is recyclable and the box itself could easily be used for storing other small knick backs in, like photos, business cards etc…

Within the box we have the charging pad (which measures 90 x 90 x 9mm in size) – I got the square one; they do have a round one two. That’s exactly the same 90mm in diameter and 9mm thick. They are made from a strong polycarbonate for the base with a Ceramic Material for the Charging Plate.

The item is supplied with a Nylon Braided Cable which is USB-A to USB-C and is 800mm in length. It is capable of handling  3 Amps without any detrimental loss of power. It is black in colour.

There is also a quick start guide as well as a full instruction & warranty booklet (not that you’ll need it though). Really it’s just Plug-and-play.

How was it to use?

This is an excellent product, which is easy to use. Just attach the cable to a suitable power supply and plug into the Charging Pad. My iPhone SE started charging straight away. it was fully charger – from empty, in around 1.5 hours. I found a slight heat from the phones base, but i got this when charging with cable too. Overall i’m delighted with the product and can highly recommend it.

Oh, your probably wondering how i could charge an iPhone SE with a QI charger. Well i bought a inductive charging case and hay presto, wireless charging. I’ve put the links below for you.