This is my review for the G9 LED Lamps, 5W equivalent to a 45W Halogen Lamp, 2700K Warm White, Standard G9 Base, 450LM, 360 Degree Beam Angle, Pack of 9. By WENFENG. An FBA item @ £11.99 as on 26/05/2017

The item arrived in a cardboard book wrap. Within was the retail packaging, containing plastic supports for the 9 Lamps. (All packaging is Recyclable except for the plastic)

What do we have in the box?

On opening the box we have Nine Lamps, they measure 6.35 x 1.6 cm each. They are fitted with 3535 SMD LED’s (Surface Mounted Devices each measuring 3.5 x 3.5 mm). They are LED’s are concealed within a clear plastic shroud c/w ventilation slots. this then, is fare safer than glass. This is a nine pack of G9, 5 watt Dimmable energy saving lamps. They are the equivalent to 45 watt Halogen Lamps. Having a temperature of 2700k, warm white and low power consumption. Length of service should be around 25,000 hours of use (@ 5 hours per day, thats just over 13.5 years)

What are they like to use?

These are great, easy to fit into either Bedside lamps, chandelier, or ceiling fittings. As they are dimmable it is great if you are trying to relax or if you are trying to have a romantic evening. They are also great for children’s rooms, if your child likes to have some light on as they are going to sleep. As these are a warm white they give a calm, soft light, great for watching TV too.

In Conclusion

Great Lamps at a very affordable price, dimmable, energy saving, and clear plastic instead of glass, Perfect. I would recommend these lamps to all. They get a my full 5*’s. Well done WENFENG