This is my review for the Freeview HDTV Indoor Antenna. Amplified TV Ariel, with 50+ Mile Range. VHF/UHF/FM, Strong Multidirectional Reception, with USB Power cable and Detachable Amplifier/Signal Booster. By Le Rong. An item sold by bestlinktech and Fulfilled by Amazon.

The item arrived in a brown cardboard box, within was the retail packaging. All of this was recyclable.

So, What do we get?

The Flat Antenna
The Signal Amplifier
An F-Type to Coax Adaptor
3 x 3M Stickers
An Instruction Leaflet

Some Specifications

Receiving Signals From VHF, UHF & FM
Weight: 259 Grams
Measures: 22 x 25 cm
Effective Reception Range: 50 miles/80 Kilometres (with amplifier)
Connector Type: F Male
Power supply connector: USB
Voltage: 5 Volts

About the aerial

I have had 2 or 3 of these indoor aerials  before, most of which have been adequate. But i am impressed with the quality of this product and the fact that it comes with a signal booster; which previous one’s i’ve owned, did not. It’s flat, sticks well to a surface, or it’s easily hidden behind a TV. I especially liked the fact that it has a good length of cable to work with. The Signal Booster will come in really handy in low signal areas or situations where you live more than 20 Miles away from a transmitter. The F Type connectors ensure you get good contact between the aerial and TV or Booster. Power for the Booster can be drawn directly from either your Freeview TV Box or the TV itself.

So, how easy is it to use?

I found it very easy, simply unpack, mount on a suitable surface. Connect to your equipment (either with or without the amplifier; depending on your location and environment). Now, tune or re-tune your receiving equipment. It’s as simple as that, you now have Freeview TV. But, if i haven’t given you enough details to successfully achieve a great reception, then check out the instruction leaflet for further guidance.

You’ll see by my video, how easy it was for me to use. It was straight forward and the results were amazing. Standard definition is great but High Definition was fantastic. The quality of sound is perfect too with no background noise at all. This has proved an excellent investment for me as i’ve been thinking for a while of cutting my ties with the Cable Company that i use.

In Conclusion

For Freeview HDTV, this is an ideal option, much better than paying a company to install you an aerial on the roof; or side of your home. The quality of Audio and Video is excellent. The Aerial itself, is so thin it’s easily hidden. Furthermore, the booster works a treat. I have no issues with this item at all and can only award it a 5 out of 5.