This is my review for the 3 in 1 USB Rechargeable Hand Warmer, 6000 mAh Power Bank/Battery Charger & LED Lamp. Sold by BigBlue-UK and fulfilled by Amazon.

The item arrived quickly and was packaged with a cardboard book-wrap. Within was the retail packaging, all of this was able to be recycled.

So, what do you get?

Product Features.
Capacity: 6000mAh (As reference, iPhone 7 battery capacity 1960mAh, 7 Plus 2900mAh)
Material: Aluminium Alloy Surface. (High Quality Heat Conducting Material, which needs a short time to warm up).
Size: 152*11*75cm (L*H*W)
Weight: 180g
Colour: Christmas Red (Special edition).
Rated Temperature in Low Position: 35℃~45℃
Rated Temperature in High Position: 40℃~60℃
Usage Measured (full time) under different outdoor temperature:
5℃(41 F degree):High:2h; Low: 4h
0℃(32 F degree):High:2h; Low: 2.5h
-5℃(23 F degree):High:2h; Low: 2h
-10℃(14 F degree): High:2h; Low: 2h

What is it like to use?

I love this item, a Hand Warmer, Power bank & Emergency Torch (3 in 1). This is the Perfect solution to warming  your hands in Cold Weather or if you have bad circulation and your hands get cold a lot. It’s just perfect for that. You’ll find that during Outdoor activities; such as Hiking, Camping, Skiing, all of this products attributes could come in very handy.
The hand warmer has an Intelligent Chip Inside to Control the Warmer for a more Constant Temperature Range to Keep you Warm. It has an Eco-friendly Polymer Battery that’s Shockproof, Anti-scald, Explosion-proof, Radiation-free. There are two Heat Settings Low at 35°C~45°C & High at 40°C~60°C perfect for this sort of cold we have around this time of year. With a Full Battery the Warmth can Last about 4 Hours under Room Temperature. We found that the temperature of the warmer was really nice, not too warm but just enough to give you that comfortable feeling.
Also the power bank charged our mobile devices no problem, it is suitable for any item that uses a USB type charging system. As mentioned in the description we did get several charges of our iPhone SE, great for when your running short of charge. An excellent gift for the executive who’s on the phone all day. Just keep the power bank in your inside jacket pocket with a short charging cable. Plug the phone in when not in use and it will always be ready to use.
The emergency light was very bright and would be an ideal item to have if you were to break down in your car. No only would you have a light you would have a phone charger and a hand warmer. Great for dark nights too when you drop something and the street lights aren’t bright enough to find it. Or just coming back from the pub and needing to find the keyhole.

In Conclusion.

What more can we say, this is a great product for a very reasonable price, it is well made, easy to use and very handy to keep with you at all times. A great item to have in an emergency. We found that it could become an item that you can’t be without, because it is so useful. For this reason we awarded it the full 5 out of 5