This is my review for the Active Stylus-Capacitive Digital Pen. Supporting 40-Hour Usage Time. 30-Day Stand-by. 120 second Auto Power off. c/w 3 Replaceable Fine Point Rubber Tips. Styli Pencil for iPad Devices By Heiyo, an FBA item for HeiyoLife.

The goods arrived in a cardboard envelope, within was the products retail packaging, all of which was able to be recycled.

So, what do we have?

The Box Contents.

Heiyo Gem Series Stylus Pen
Micro USB Charging Cable
3 Piece Replacement Pen Tips
Membership Card
User Manual

Some Product Specification:

Charging Time: 4 Hours
Standby: 30 Days
Continuous Use: 40 Hours
Length: 144 mm
Width: 10 mm
Tip Diameter: 2.6 mm
Weight 14.2 Grams

How was it to use?

Charging and Switch on.

First of all we need to charge tour Capacitive Pen. Connect the supplied USB cord to a suitable charging point and plug into the Pen’s Charging Socket. You’ll find this under the rubber cap, fitted to the top. I found this first charge took 3 Hours, so i guess it must have came with some power already in the battery. During charging there is a Green Led showing, this will extinguish when the charge is complete. This LED will change colour as the Stylus is used.

To switch on press the button situated just above the LED, which will then turn Blue. The stylus will power off automatically, after 2 minutes of inactivity. When the battery is in good health, (ie.. normal working state), the LED will stay Blue. When the LED turns RED the Pen has 3 Hours of remaining battery life, but you should charge ASAP to avoid the Stylus turning off. If the LED does not come on, then there is no power left in the device.


So to it’s use. I found it didn’t work very well on my devices with a screen protector on it. But to be fair, the seller has said this in the listed information on it’s Amazon page. On an iPad without a screen protector it works seamlessly and is very effective at everything i tried it with. Writing, Drawing, Colouring, designing etc… I found that i got 42.5 hours out of it, adding up all the times it was used and it was charged in 3.75 hours. I really like the fact that it comes with a Lifetime Replacement Guarantee, and the only downside i could see was that i could not find replacement tips. However, you do get 3 extra tips with the item so your looking at around 2000 hours use. That means 5.5 hours of use every day will last you 1 year.

In Conclusion.

I am delighted with this product and can’t understand those who have had difficulty with it. It’s a wonderfully responsive Stylus, with hardly any lag at all. It lasts ages when using it and you get three spare tips. I gave it as a Christmas Present as the recipient was and still is delighted. Therefore i’m giving it 5 out of 5