I was born in 1960 to working class parents in the town of Gateshead, Tyne & Wear. The son of a Smelter (Father) and a Cook (Mother). Times were hard back then; my dad ‘s wage was less than 18 shillings and 6 pence. My mum had only 12 shillings and 9 pence. We moved from Gateshead when i was still a baby.

Bill Quay

Bill Quay was a small town between Heworth and Hebburn. I spent my formative years their with the local scaly wags tormenting my mother to death; whilst my father was at work, with not staying where i was told to and often needing to be retrieved from the local Gospel Chapel. God knows why i was drawn there (if you’ll excuse the pun).

A sewer pipe ran across the local park on a viaduct. It was  around 30 foot up in the air. I remember my friend ST and I would often try to shimmy across it. We almost slipped and fell to the ground as my mother shouted “Brian”. Even on the odd occasions; when she hadn’t caught us; she still knew where we’ed been though, it was the black grease on my shorts that really gave the game away.


My next home was in Hebburn, this being the first house my Mum and Dad had bought. They had only rented until then, but most people did then. Being only the second married couple within my mums family, to buy their own house, i  recall mum telling dad about her mother thinking she was “getting above her station”. Really i think she was probably a little bit jealous. My Gran and Grandad; on my mum’s side, had 11 children. They didn’t have a TV (No I’m kidding really), and they never had any spare money; to even think of trying to buy their own home.

Brian Wood Reviewer

Me on my Motorbike

My new home was now Hebburn. I quickly fell in love with it and made lots of new friends, TB was my best friend. He lived just two doors down at number 42 and i was at 46. I can recall one of my first Christmases there. Seeing this motorbike toy which my mum and dad had bought for me. With motifs on the tank, yellow head light, white mud guards and a laid back style handle bar, Wow, it was great.


My Wife Pam & Daughter

We remained here until i was 14. Where we then moved to a different part of Hebburn; as our present house was to be demolished by the town council. This was to make way for a new housing developments. We next moved to the NewTown area of Hebburn. Whilst living here i had my first relationship. Soon after i met my wife Pam, 36 years later, we are still so very happy and still so much in love.

Back To Hebburn

We married in July of 1980 and moved to Gateshead my wife’s home town. We settled down there; or so we thought. But not long after i became homesick. So we decided to move to Hebburn. We have 2 children, who’ve both left home now and making their own way in the world, as they do.

In the 1990’s we both became interested in Essential Oils, It came from Pam doing an Aromatherapy and Reflexology Course, which she enjoyed and i benefited from (Oh, can she do things to my feet). Soon after that we were hooked and have used them ever since. Massage, warming, homemade dryer sheets, candles etc… The rest is history really.

The day we got married. Wonderful Day

The day we got married. Wonderful Day

I was hooked, I couldn’t get enough of books and tapes (that’s an old way of listening to audio). Anything to do with essential oils was food for my brain. Now we’re both into all things Natural, Essential Oils, Herbs, and ridding  our lives of anything which has Chemicals, E numbers, Artificial Colours and Sweetners, Candles, (except Beeswax), Sprays, Makeup and Perfume. , in fact anything that isn’t good for your health, but I’ll show you what you can replace them with.

So do join me on this journey, as I strive to inform you,  of all that’s good and Natural for your health and wellbeing.