The item arrived quickly and was well packaged. Within was a well designed retail packaging, all of which was recyclable.

So, what do we get?

Box Contents
An LED light body
A Cellphone holder
1 Soft diffuser, 1 Blue diffuser and 1 Orange diffuser
A Camera mount
The Smartphone mount
USB charging cable X 1PC
Product Specifications
Battery capacity:1000mA
Charging electricity:600mA
Charging Voltage:5V
Working Voltage:3.7-4.2V
Working electricity:800mA
Colour temperature:6000K+/-300K
The longest working time:18 Hours
The shortest working time:60 Minutes
Charging time:AC: 40 Minutes & PC: 2 hours.

About the product

The light is especially designed for cameras and smartphones. It comes complete with White/Orange/Blue filters, which can be added in front of the light panel for creating differing colour effects to suit your particular occasion. There is a push-button dimmer, giving 8-levels of non-gradual light intensity adjustment. The Commlite LED light’s  size is comparable to that of a credit card. The slim and lightweight design makes it ideal to carry around with you.
It has a built-in 1000mA Lithium iron battery which can produce a light intensity of up to 6880 Lux at 10cm distance. It makes it the perfect portable video lighting for using during travel or night shooting. You’ll get at least 60 minutes of use, but you could get up to 18 hours in low light mode after being fully charged, this is one of the longest usage times I have found.

How did i find it to use?

I really enjoyed using this (which you can see in my attached video). It really does make such a difference to the quality of your video or photo shoot, it’s important to have the correct amount of lighting where and when you need it and this gives you just that in a compact package. I thought the three enclosed filter plates that can easily be switched with each other to create the right atmosphere, will be really handy. Link them with the fact that you can adjust the light intensity and you’ve got an infinite blend of light and shade with which to be creative. The set of accessories you get are just right to enable you to use the Mini Light with a variety of Smartphones and Cameras.
The main unit charges very quickly when plugged into a mains USB socket, the short charging cable provided is adequate but i would have liked see it a little longer. Following the instructions was straight forward, they are in good english and logically laid out. They also come in an oriental language. The main unit itself has a 12 month warranty, for product failure due to faults, which is standard for electrical and electronic items these days.

In Conclusion.

This is a great versitile product, for a very reasonable price. It’s well made and is a must for the budding photographers amongst you. Very easy to use and the battery lasts ages. I give it 5 out of 5.