UHF Wireless Microphone System, Dual Channel Wireless Handheld Microphones and Portable Receiver, Easy to Setup for Karaoke and Speech (K036) By Fifine

This is my review for the UHF Wireless Microphone System, Dual Channel Wireless Handheld Microphones and Portable Receiver, Easy to Setup for Karaoke and Speech (K036) By Fifine. An FBA item @ £62.99 as on 28/07/2017

The item arrived in a cardboard box, within was the retail packaging of the kit. Most of this was recyclable.

So, what do we get?

A Receiver unit. 2 handheld wireless microphones with digital display. 1/4” (6.35mm) audio cable. 3.5mm audio cable. 3.5mm to RCA cable. A Power cord. 4 x AA Batteries. A user manual and friendly customer service.

A bit about the equipment

First of all, lets look at the Microphones. The body measures 217 x 54.5mm. They are made of a hard wearing plastic material with the head of the Mic being a metal cage. This can be remover (with care) for cleaning, within it you will find a thin wind shield. The lower part of the Microphone barrel screws off to reveal the Battery compartment. Each Mic takes 2 * AA Batteries (a better performance will be had with Non Rechargeable batteries). Once fitted and the switch slid to the right, the Mic is ready to go.

The Receiver is made of metal with Plastic trim, switch and volume adjustments. It measures 144 x 92 x 38mm and has the following input and outputs. On the front a 6.3mm Jack socket for connection of an extra Microphone. On the back from left to right:- A 3.5mm audio-in, then a 3.5mm audio out. A 6.3mm audio out and the DC input socket. The LED’s on the front panel show from left to right, Power, A will light, when the A channel Mic is working, B will light, when the B channel Mic is working and AF, this will indicate when the mic sound is too loud or it will flash momentarily when the system is turned on or off.

The Volume controls on the front from left to right are, Volume control for an extra Mic, Volume control for channel 01 Mic, Volume control for channel 02 Mic, Echo control for adding sound effects for all 3 Mic’s and the last one is for adding background music. This it does very well too.

What’s it like to use?

Using the cables supplied i managed to connect the set to my Hi-Fi in my lounge on it’s AUX channel to use for the sound output. (My system is the Marantz MCR-610 paired with Monitor Audio Bronze BX2’s and a Wharfedale Diamond SW150). I then connected the 3.5mm AV input to my iPad for some sound and then the stage was set. I connected the two Mic’s and adjusted the volume and recorded some singing along to music.

Now i’m not in any way a singer, but i did my best on the attached video and I’m hope you liked it. I really had great fun setting this up and recording the song. So what’s it like to use, epic. Really great, i had a whale of a time and i’m sure you will too. The sound was great. It took no setting up, well 2 minutes. The Mic’s felt comfortable in the hand and the signal was really clear and without interference.

In Conclusion.

I am delighted with this system and really pleased i bought it. For what i want (and that’s Karaoke) it will do great. Not sure what the neighbours will have to say though, but New Years and Birthday’s will never be the same again. It gets 5*’s from me

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