Security Cameras System. 1080N. 4CH CCTV DVR Recorder c/w 4 x 1.0 MP Weatherproof Night Vision Bullet Cameras. (NO HDD) By Zclever

This is my review for the Security Cameras System. 1080N. 4CH CCTV DVR Recorder c/w 4 x 1.0 MP Weatherproof Night Vision Bullet Cameras. (NO HDD) By Zclever. An FBA item.

The package arrived in a medium sized cardboard box, within was the Kit and the retail packaging. Most of which was able to be recycled .

So, what do we get?

A 4 Channel DVR (NO HDD)
4 Cameras
4 x 60 ft (18.3M) Video BNC Power Cable for Camera
2 DC 12V Power Adapters, 2A for DVR & 1.5A for Cameras (CUL/FCC/CE certified)
A USB Mouse
A 4-in-1 Power Splitter
The User Manual


USB backup
Real-time feed
1-year warranty
Email notifications
Up to 80 ft night vision range
3.6mm lens with 60-degree viewing angle
Motion-driven alerts sent to your smart phone
IP66 Weatherproof Aluminum Housing Material
Remote viewing iOS and Android compatible
Recording feature keeps a log of past events
24/7 surveillance capabilities everywhere a camera is installed
See other areas of the house or areas outside your home, from anywhere in the world

Note:- Supports Windows Operating Systems only, it does not support MAC

Setting Up

I found setting up this system to be very straight forward. It is a menu driven system which guides you to fully set up the whole system. It even has QR codes to scan to set up the app on your smartphone. Plus another QR code to scan to recognise the system and it’s cameras. I decided to get a 1TB Surveillance HDD to fit within to enable video capture, this way and video evidence can be revisited at a later date if required. (It’s important to get a Surveillance type HDD, as these are more suited to 24/7 use).

So i set to work putting the cameras around the house. This was just to test the equipment out and record some video. You’ll see this at the end of the review. I placed one in my Lounge, Kitchen Bedroom and Passage and captured the footage. It looked great. These camera’s capture in 720p, that’s quite not bad quality for video recording. They have 24 Infrared LEDs, with IR-cut filter tech (so they reflect or block mid-infrared wavelengths, while passing visible light). This makes for a better quality night time image and less heat glare.

Fitting a Camera (it’s really easy)

The Camera

The camera’s will be easily mounted outside, but can i suggest some silicone in the rear where the cable goes through to the camera. This will prevent moisture from getting in and save you time and money in the long run. I would mount cameras outside in the following way. Position the Camera in it’s ideal spot (high enough off the ground to stop anyone interfering with it). Mark up the 3 mounting points with a black marker and drill the holes with a 6mm Masonry Drill Bit, Deep enough to accommodate 3 red Rawl plugs. Fasten the camera in place with some security screws, make sure the cable for connection feeds out of the notch provided. (this should not be pointing up – as it will only encourage rain to get inside).

Drilling the wall

Next Drill your hole through the wall – about 100 mm from the camera using a 12 x 600mm Masonry Drill Bit. Take a weatherproof box like this and drill a 12mm hole in the centre of the rear. Now mark the wall and drill 4 fixing holes for the box. Again use the red Rawl plugs and security screws to mount it, first putting a bead of silicone around the 10mm hole on the back of the box to form a water tight seal. Now screw a waterproof cable gland into one of the entry points underneath the box, this should just screw in and knock out the blank plug, sealing the box.

Connecting up

Now undo the gland, (remembering how it goes together). Ok, feed the camera cable through until it arrives in the box. Now reassemble the gland this time tightening it until it forms a seal around the cable to make it waterproof. Next feed a fish tape through the hole until you reach the inside of the house. Attach the end of the cable (marked for camera, which will go to the DVR) to the fish tape with some amalgamating tape – this holds better than electricians tape. Don’t try and take the two connection plugs through together. Attach one, then fold the other back a little and attach this to it’s wire. With care you will be able to draw through the cable into the box. Now discard the tape, connect the cable to the camera ends and complete the task by fitting the box lid.

In Conclusion

First of all i hope this info has been helpful to you. You can easily install your own camera system, just follow the instructions and you can’t fail. I am really impressed with this system, it’s excellent value for money. Furthermore, for this price, you’ll have to look hard to find better. The night vision is perfect, just be careful where you mount your cameras for glare from outside lighting. I’m so glad i bought this and i’m sure you would be too.

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